Yoshibayashi Riki: "quilt" black straw was born again

In November 2018 09, 08:31 source: Farmer daily

For major grain producing counties in Lishu County Jilin farmers, corn straw has made them a headache. Burned, polluting the environment; don't burn, on farming in the coming year. In 2007, the county from Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology introduction and full coverage of no tillage cultivation technology demonstration test of corn straw. Since the gradual improvement and promotion, this technology not only help farmers solve the straw processing problem, also let more and more thin black soil was reborn.

In 8 in the county town of pear Village, Lu Wei agricultural cooperatives 200 hectares of corn just after the harvest. Corn straw can not trace into the ground, but covered with a layer of golden yellow quilt". Co chairman Lu Wei told reporters, made this "quilt" is actually a layer of crushed corn straw. Although the quilt looks ordinary, but he has become a magic weapon for stable production efficiency "".

From 2013 onwards, Lu Wei in the Lishu County Agricultural Technology Extension Station's help, began to try to use the corn straw covered no tillage cultivation technology. In the harvest of corn harvester at the same time, the straw crushing and half in place, "quilt" will do a good job. After second years, the line machine clean out strip to seed by straw set, "quilt" painted on the strip pattern. Wait until the summer of second, with the growth of maize mature, this layer of quilt gradually decay into organic matter into the land.

The morphological changes of straw, also brought great change to the land. Lu Wei said, the burning straw or straw turning away, the land directly exposed. Protection with the quilt, the soil moisture is maintained, the effect is equivalent to an annual increase of 50 mm rainfall. This spring, the local suffered a severe drought, but in the protection of this layer "quilt", the winter accumulation of the water can not evaporate, emergence is not affected, the straw mulching under fertilizer is not easy to loss. In recent years, although the weather is not stable, but Lu Wei's corn production has been steadily.

Let Lu Wei delight, with fertility gradually restored, once rare earthworms come back. As previously continuous farming and a large number of fertilizer overdraft fertility, soil compaction, earthworms lose living space. The use of straw technology, soil and water conditions continued to improve, continue to reduce the amount of fertilizer, the number of earthworms and activity are significantly increased. Lu Wei, according to preliminary estimates, now number per square meters of land in the earthworm reached 120 or so. With the help of earthworm, soil quality has been significantly improved.

Not only the maintenance of water and fertilizer, improving soil, straw covered no tillage cultivation technology also allows the pear black land to get rid of the fate of more and more thin. Lishu County Agricultural Technology Extension Station researcher Zhao Lijuan said, using new technology of farms, organic matter in the soil increased by 0.1% per year. The comparative test in the field, has been using the length of maize root total Straw Covered no tillage cultivation technology from the previous more than 20 cm increased to more than 60 cm, which directly shows the soil conditions have been improved, black soil layer and the soil is gradually restored." Zhao Lijuan said.

The comprehensive benefit is the most important index of farmers. In Lishu County, straw covered no tillage cultivation technology brings obvious benefits to be questioned once the farmers have to move the heart. "With this technique, the amount of fertilizer reduced about 20%, plus eliminates the need for land consolidation, clean straw and other expenses, the cost of at least one hectare lower than before 1500 yuan." Lishu town Hongwang farmer cooperatives agricultural director Zhang Wendi said.

Jilin province is the straw covered no tillage cultivation technology of farmers to provide special funds for subsidies 375 yuan per hectare, next year will increase the subsidy standard. From the beginning of 2007 to promote the demonstration, now the area of over 2 million acres, straw covered no tillage cultivation techniques of the "root" is more and more developed.

(commissioning editor Jiang Qi and Zhang Guigui)