LGOP: poor counties shall not engage in celebration after Zhaimao

In December 2018 06, 08:32 source: The Xinhua News Agency
Original title: LGOP: poor counties shall not engage in celebration after Zhaimao

Xinhua news agency, Beijing 12 March 5 Xinhua (reporter Yu Wenjing) of the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office recently issued a notice, request the relevant work rules Zhaimao counties out of poverty. Notice clear, poor county poverty will not engage after Zhaimao Zhaimao celebration, not shooting hat feature films, do not carry out activities related to the theme.

This is the 5 reporters from LGOP learned information. Notice that, since poverty battle, there are 153 impoverished county poverty hat, the community generally recognized, reflecting the good. The next two years, will enter the impoverished county poverty hat peak.

Notice clear, strict management of poor county poverty uncap theme activities, regulate the summary and propaganda work of impoverished county poverty hat. Poor county poverty after Zhaimao summary and propaganda work, by the national and provincial levels to coordinate and organize the implementation. The impoverished county, we should conscientiously sum up experiences, in accordance with the principle of parsimony in conjunction with the relevant aspects of the appropriate publicity.

Notification requirements, to do a good job of poverty alleviation work after zhaimao. Poor county poverty Zhaimao just completed the task is not completed the task of poverty alleviation. Do not take responsibility to effectively Zhaimao, Zhaimao not picking policy, do not pick hat helping, Zhaimao not picking supervision, good convergence of poverty alleviation and Rural Revitalization Strategy, consolidate the results of poverty, prevent poverty. (end)

(commissioning editor Jiang Qi and Zhang Guigui)