Ningxia Yanchi: Youth turned green development leader

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Original title: Ningxia Yanchi: Youth turned green development leader

"No draft source, walk hard; two three years of drought, pocket money." Yanchi of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region folk has spread a ballad. Nearby, in the Maowusu Desert, about 200 millimeters of annual precipitation, evaporation is as high as 2000 mm, the harsh natural environment restricts the development of the Northwest town.

Statistics show that in 80s the last century, Yanchi 3/4 population and cultivated land in the desert area, farming, farmers can not survive the difficulties, the poverty rate is as high as 75%. And in 2017, the former gally poverty rate dropped to 0.66%, becoming the 9 poor counties in poverty counties in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

On the edge of the desert sow hope

In the desert on the edge of the life, the 53 year old Guan Chang the deepest impression is to pull the water. 10 years old he often before dawn with a donkey from Su Bu Jing of go to 10 km outside of the water wells. A bucket of water 90 kg, one family with 1 weeks.

In addition to water, and the raging sandstorm. The 46 year old county poverty Alleviation Office Deputy Director Zhou Guilin recalled that in 90s the last century, old Fort Huian there was no electricity. He married, the little sisters in the cave with a flashlight to her a bear like makeup, sitting in the road to go down a few donkey, paste the face of sand.

"Going out is better than here, there is hope." The 35 year old Qin Zhimin graduated from the university to return home, but found a company in Beijing. How to live a good life, let the young people stay, which is placed in front of an exam in Yanchi county.

Since the reform and opening up, Ningxia to develop vigorously plant trees and grass, Xing Mu promote agriculture, agriculture and Forestry Animal Husbandry comprehensive development "mountain construction guidelines, identified 3 counties as the experimental base in the modernization of agriculture base and comprehensive control of soil and water loss in the Loess Plateau, and soil survey and agricultural regionalization.

40 years, the county down in strict accordance with the "North in the sand, water, soil Nanzhi the general thought to prevent sand, sand. At the same time, water conservancy construction also carried out a series of well irrigation, water-saving irrigation, pit demonstration projects have landed, irrigation and drinking water conditions.

"Resistance", and drought and sand "rivalry", people in everyone together, who can grow anywhere zhilv. Now, with the development of ecological restoration, the Tang Dynasty poet Li Yi's "green poplar plants with smoke, old salt, Yin Ma Quan" scene in Yanchi county.

Guanghui is jinshanyinshan

Insist Aoyama do not relax, with the masses of cadres in the dry, ushered in the ecological change. According to statistics, artificial afforestation in Yanchi County at an annual rate of 100 thousand mu in advance, at present, there are about 2000000 acres of land desertification has been effectively controlled, more than 1 million acres of Ming dune basically eliminated, forest cover, vegetation coverage reached 31% and 70%, the people back into the sand in the history of sex reversal.

One year a wind blew from the spring and winter, jingle picture become the past. At the same time, the local government from the real water circuit and other infrastructure to promote the overall development of rural water supply, roads, dangerous kiln and other infrastructure construction and public service. Through the "Yanghuang project" and "ecological migrants" and other initiatives, to achieve the mountains, water, land, forest planning, road, village.

15 years ago, Guan Chang moved to distance only 10 km Huize village. New completion day, received the home, tap water gurgle, this simple farmer first thought "out of poverty is no longer an empty".

The improvement of ecological environment, to revitalize the rural economy, but also actively explore the rich people in the new road. Guan Chang gave up planting more water consumption of corn, sorghum, bid farewell to the extensive grassland grazing in the local agriculture department's help to raise sheep. Where he is to make full use of the village collective farming experts, abundant forage advantage in the village, from the office of beef cattle farms. In recent years, as the leading industries with local advantages in the Yanchi Tan sheep, overtaking a gilded signboard "".

The young leader turned

"People often say that before Yanchi, Blackwater earn small sweat face days, now the policy is so good, we must cherish." Hua Ma Chi Zhen Tong lap village Wang Fei said. Two years ago, he was elected as the county leaders' poverty".

Wang Fei is the first in the village built of brick and tile people. But a fever that he is on the verge of bankruptcy, to pay off debts, Wang Fei and his wife go out to work, not long, he broke his waist when loading, his wife is also the site side wall suddenly collapsed and injured head.

A four life difficult to continue they had to return to the village. Wang Fei remember, the most difficult time, he and his wife a on crutches, a head wrapped around gauze to grow corn, a sow two seeds for the afternoon only. Looking at the vast land without sowing, the couple tears.

In 2014, the country launched the precise poverty alleviation strategy, the Wang Fei family is included in the filing riser, a series of preferential policies to follow. In the "five UNPROFOR" mechanism, Wang Fei from the village cooperatives loans 30 thousand yuan to buy more than 20 sheep, and their sheep in the village collective sheep.

Interest free loans, unified management, let Wang Fei body burden a lot of light, let him feel at ease, making the county safety net for farmers amount. "Buy a head of ewes, subsidies of 100 yuan; sell a lamb subsidy of 30 yuan to buy insurance sheep." The advantage of industry and policy played a combination of boxing, Wang Fei get better day by day.

Like Wang Fei, more and more young people to change ideas, will be regarded as home draw blueprint for life on the stage. In the two Dao Gou Cun dashuikeng Yanchi County town, 35 year old Yang Yanzhao did not return home after graduation from the University in Henan, set up a Taekwondo Hall, the annual income of over 300 thousand yuan, two years ago, a return of knowledge, let him have their entrepreneurial ideas.

"When I was young, every year in August the village is full of buckwheat flower, then a little." Yang Yanzhao think, home production of buckwheat is green and healthy grains, now the pursuit of quality of life, the potential demand for buckwheat.

In 2013, Yang Yanzhao returned to the two road village, the establishment of lacustrine planting cooperatives, has a circulation of 6118 acres of idle land.

In order to encourage young people, Yanchi County relevant departments to give aid to Yang Yanzhao, not only to help him to do a 2 million yuan discount loan, giving cooperatives a value of 600 thousand yuan of small grains processing equipment. Yang Yanzhao also spontaneously to extend the industrial chain, sheep breeding shed and pig breeding shed new small grains processing factory, the development of circular agriculture. Last year, the lake planting cooperatives 161 family members' average household income 3000 yuan, Yang Yanzhao truly feel their career values.

In Yang Yanzhao drive, two road village has established 6 professional planting cooperatives, hundreds of villagers in youth employment in their hometowns. Two years ago, Qin Zhimin returned to salt work, "no haze, enjoy the blue sky and white clouds". The return of these entrepreneurs to promote employment in poverty alleviation "blood type" changes, greatly accelerated the pace of poverty.

"Do" farmers' work, promote rural revitalization, is not only a battle, it is a protracted war." Yanchi county Party Secretary Hua Zhimin said, the immediate results, only the first step in the Long March, next, Yanchi county poverty will consolidate the achievements, accelerate the pace of enriching, to ensure synchronization with the national well-off region.

China youth - Youth Online reporter trainee reporter Wang Hao Ma Fuchun source: China Youth Daily

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