Guizhou to Luodian: 71 impoverished village cadres sent financial depth

2018 12 06 April 08:34 source: Farmer daily
Original title: Guizhou Luodian: 71 to the depth of the impoverished village cadres sent financial

Recently, Guizhou province Luodian County Rural Credit Cooperatives to the county in 71 poor villages send financial depth of village cadres, the purpose is to integration of financial policy and poverty alleviation policy, industrial policy depth, to enhance the level of financial services as the focal point, the rational allocation of financial resources, the innovation of financial products and services, improve the financial ecological environment, vigorously develop the rural Inclusive Finance, to win the war, the completion of a comprehensive poverty alleviation boost rural well-off society, provide strong support for the revitalization of.

In financial cadres is the main credit funds for the support of core financial poverty village, with the village and zero bad credit credit construction as the starting point to create and improve the poor self-development capacity, improve the poor family loan coverage. Not only that, but also to bring poor rural financial policies, improve financial services and credit "dual system" and "four Xuan Gang" (promotion of financial poverty alleviation policy, help to promote industrial development, help to optimize the financial environment, help maintain social stability, help the implementation of the financial security) and other related work, in the people's livelihood and help the development, play a decisive role.

Luodian County Association Luo Kun credit cooperatives responsible person, Bunaicun Financial Secretary Qin Chao said, is one of the Bunaicun Luo Kun Zhen Gao Po Cun Village area, 211 resident population of 922 people, belong to the two class of poor villages, by the end of 2017 the poverty rate is 42.31%. Now carry out the investigation, the financial demand, credit support, financing difficulties, farmers' development industry and non-performing loans are reviewed. The next step will Cunzhiliangwei a lead to poor villages and farmers to develop production, efforts to create a village with characteristic industry. At the same time, make good use of financial poverty alleviation policies to reduce farmers burden and activate farmers own development power. Wangqijun

(commissioning editor Jiang Qi and Zhang Guigui)