Guangxi relocation of poverty out new life to seek development "to get rich"

Zhou Shixing Liu Linyan Liang Shaoen

2018 12 06 April 08:45 source: Guangming Daily
Original title: the relocation of poverty out new life

People often say that one side of the water, but some poor areas, depth of Guangxi rocky desertification area and natural disaster prone areas, facing one side of the water does not live person's dilemma.

To break the bottleneck of the development of the poverty-stricken villages, Guangxi actively promote the poverty alleviation work relocation. From 2016 to 2018, plans to relocate the participatory poverty population is 700 thousand, as of November 20th this year, 681 thousand and 500 people have been relocated in the relocation, the occupancy rate of 97.37%.

To resolve the concerns of "moving out"

"Our home is mountainous area, poor environment, serious water shortage, poor generation. But when the government told to move out, we still hesitated for a long time." In the city of Hechi Bama Yao Autonomous County, six villagers homes can migrant town resettlement area, the original township village Minglong said Deng Xiang lan. For generations living in the mountains of the villagers, the third of an acre is to rely on their life and spirit. Give up the land to the mountains, the hearts of many people is full of worries.

So is the Baise Jingxi city fruit Township village meeting Li Tianzhen. In accordance with the policy, the Li Tianzhen family can move the county resettlement area, however, he is anxious to be away from home. At this time, Jingxi City Vice Mayor Bi Hongfei to persuade: "the area surrounding supporting dozens of enterprises, more than 10000 jobs, ensure that each household has at least one job. As long as willing to do, poverty is not a dream."

Easy to move, the first "easy" thought "moved" concept. To this end, Guangxi formulated a series of policies and measures to make banqianhu ideological work, and encourage enterprises to participate in the completion of a number of residential relocation. All positive Zhuchaoyinfeng, attract investors to set up factories in the resettlement area near the resort, to provide employment opportunities for the relocation of households, let them move at ease.

Guiping city in Changan immigration resettlement area, poor households Huang Yezhao family's new house area of 100 square meters, a day was donated by the government, wooden table and chairs etc.. Party secretary Zhong Changzi, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee of Guiping, Guigang, Guiping in accordance with the "eight package" system, to promote the progress of construction projects, follow-up support, employment and other work, and give banqianhu unified installation pans, wash basins, hydropower, television and so on, to ensure that they carry bag check".

Perfect service "live firmly"

In the city of Ningming County town of Chongzuo city to resettle the resettlement area, after continental en housewarming, into the door of the factory, has been fully adapted to the city life". "Before the home farm, exposed to the weather very hard, moved here into the shop a lot easier, I a person's salary will be able to meet the household." Lu Xiangen said.

Good living and working conditions, in order to attract banqianhu stable living down. Guangxi Industrial Park, the country to promote the rural tourism demonstration area construction, employment skills training for the relocation of households, and community planning, the solution to the immigration education such as medical problems, help banqianhu to open the new life.

"In the morning to afternoon walking exercise, health room activities, night jumping square dance, a new life to the fullest." Guigang mountain resettlement area residents Li Fangying cloth city qintang District, district in the red house, health room, children's home has become a good place for leisure, banqianhu amateur life rich and colorful.

In the "Hechi city Changan Tian'e County home eco emigrationdemonstration Town, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, sewage treatment plant is also equipped with the Goods are available in all varieties., workshops, clinics, service centers and other function rooms, strengthen service management and follow-up industry employment support work, let banqianhu creature with a dragon" worry free.

Seek development "to get rich"

2016 years, Bama Yao Autonomous County, Hechi city in the township, the village often poor households relocated to the Huanglong property She Xiang Zhong the settlements, from credit cooperatives to apply for 50 thousand yuan loans to build pig farms. At present, pig farms have been sold pig head 43 *, 6 number, income of 2 million yuan.

Liang Kou Dong Autonomous County in Sanjiang city of Liuzhou Township South Village poverty relocation point, according to the "Park + industrialization" new pattern of Dong village, unified construction of various facilities, the village became the ecological leisure attractions in folk experience, catering and recreational fishing and other functions, ecological tourism has become a new way out of poverty.

Government work together to launch the "poverty alleviation workshop" is most easily relocated settlements of poverty alleviation policies. Baise Debao County in poverty alleviation settlements surrounding the introduction of Shenzhen toy factory, providing 1500 jobs for the relocation of households. Just moved to new homes a yellow Biliu, his wife to work in a toy factory, he works as a security guard in the county. "According to the current our income, a year down than the previous corn rice four or five times stronger." Yellow green willow.

"To resettle, the goal is to make the development of poor households, poverty alleviation, can become rich." The director of immigration administration Wei Zhaoyong said, Guangxi to strengthen the implementation of a policy of "one family one" help "a file" and other measures to explore the local poverty alleviation and development model, driven by poor households to accelerate poverty.

(reporter Zhou Shixing newspaper correspondent Liu Linyan Liang Shaoen)

(commissioning editor Jiang Qi and Zhang Guigui)